Sven Vintappares Gränd 3
(by Stora Nygatan 15)
117 27 Stockholm (Gamla Stan)
+46 (0) 8-22 41 40

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"A shimmer lay over Gustav's days," Esaias Tegner rhapsodized over Gustav III, Sweden's king from 1754-1791. Sven Vintappares Gränd in Stockholm's Old Town is a short alley between Västerlånggatan and Stora Ny Nygatan.

The original name, Swen Wintapperes grendh, is undoubtedly after Sven Staffansson (His Royal Majesty's Faithful Servant and Wine Steward).

He is referred to several times in city records in conjunction with household business, and according to Tord Olsson Nordberg, he owned a house in the Galatea block.